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Dallas Offshore Bank Account Attorney

Concealing money into an offshore account was a common practice that helped avoid paying taxes. Several years ago, the Internal Revenue Service established a program to reign in those "deposits" and tax that income. Today, IRS continues to offer their version of an "amnesty" program for foreign account holders to disclose those monies and get caught up on their income taxes.

A Fort Worth International Tax Lawyer Educating You on Your Options

At Hider & Associates, P.C., Chip Hider, as a former attorney with the IRS, uses his experience defending taxpayer clients against the most powerful government agency.

Chip Hider is a lawyer skilled in settlement negotiation and courtroom tax litigation. For eight years, he was a senior trial prosecutor for the Office of Chief Counsel for the IRS in Dallas and Miami. In that role, he reviewed, negotiated, settled and tried civil and criminal tax cases. He also provided legal advice to various IRS divisions.

We live in a global economy. Businesses and investors across the country are investing overseas. Not all offshore accounts and financial transactions are meant to hide income from the IRS and U.S. taxes. Before submitting to the IRS amnesty offshore program, make a call to our Texas law firm.

While entering the amnesty program could alleviate your fear of the IRS pursuing civil or criminal action against you for having an offshore account, other options exist. Simply stated, the IRS amnesty program is not for everyone. The IRS must prove their case through administrative appeals and, if necessary, in a court of law. Securing the services of a former IRS attorney could be less costly than paying the IRS.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Dallas offshore bank account lawyer, please contact us at 214-380-4068 or 800-401-0631 or e-mail fchlaw@sbcglobal.net.

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