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Nothing distracts the daily operations of a business more than legal problems. When those distractions take the form of IRS business tax audits, collection investigations, or more serious investigations, daily functions come to a standstill. Paperwork must be collected for IRS agents. The IRS may try to interrogate your key administrative financial officers and other staff with in-depth questioning. Hiring an experienced attorney is paramount to protect your interests and avoid interrogations where appropriate.

Business owners should understand the stakes, specifically when it involves the IRS and the future of their company. Contact our Dallas business tax attorney today to explore how we can assist you as a business owner.

At Hider & Associates, P.C., Chip Hider will communicate with IRS agents and protect businesses throughout a complex and time-consuming process. The IRS is a powerful government agency that will exert influence in a very intrusive and often unsettling way. Like individual taxpayers, fear sets in for business owners. Our job is to educate them on their options and alleviate that anxiety during audits that involve income and payroll tax.

A Fort Worth Employment Tax Attorney at the Side of Texas Business Clients

While IRS agents are highly trained and skilled professionals, errors can be made. Those mistakes are costly and could lead to additional taxes, interests and penalties. However, those agents are backed up by IRS CPAs and tax attorneys. Having a former IRS tax attorney at your side can help even the odds your business faces.

Chip Hider is a lawyer skilled in settlement negotiation and courtroom tax litigation who possesses insight into his opposition. For eight years, Chip Hider was a senior trial prosecutor for the Office of Chief Counsel for the IRS in Dallas and Miami. In that role, he reviewed, negotiated, settled and tried civil and criminal tax cases. He also provided legal advice to various IRS divisions.

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