Dallas Unfiled Tax Return Lawyer

Failing to file tax returns is a serious matter with the Internal Revenue Service. Over time multiple unfiled tax returns will only create more issues and may result in more severe civil and criminal penalties.

At Hider & Associates, P.C., we want our clients to know that it is never too late for action. Living in fear of the repercussions involving delinquent taxes should not prevent you from contacting our firm for immediate representation and long-term peace of mind.

If you have unfiled and delinquent tax returns, you need a lawyer skilled in settlement negotiation and courtroom tax litigation coupled with insight of the opposition. For eight years, Chip Hider was a senior trial prosecutor for the Office of Chief Counsel for the IRS in Dallas and Miami. In that role, he reviewed, negotiated, settled and tried civil and criminal tax cases. He also provided legal advice to various IRS divisions.

The Help You Need From a Fort Worth Voluntary Disclosure Attorney

Voluntarily coming forward with the help of Chip Hider is an important first step in resolving delinquent tax filings. The IRS Voluntary Disclosure Filing Program brings non-filers back into the tax system without possible criminal investigations. Failure to be proactive can lead to aggressive collection actions (wage garnishment and bank account levies), civil penalties, and criminal charges. With your income information reported to them, the IRS can file a substitute return and collect taxes against you.

For clients who come to our Texas law firm unable to pay their entire tax liabilities after coming forward, we negotiate installment payments on their behalf or Offers in Compromise, where feasible.

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